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Brief Overview of Israeli Economy 
Population: 8.28 million (November 2014)

GDP (in PPP): US$ 286.8 billion (2014 estimated)
GDP per capita (in PPP): US$ 35,660 (2014 estimated)
GDP per capita (in current prices): US$ 38,000 (2014 estimated)  

Israel's Exports of Goods in 2014: US$ 66.78 billion
Israel's Imports of Goods in 2014: US$ 72.00 billion

FDI in 2012: US$ 10.4 billion
Inflation rate in 2012: 1.6%
Unemployment rate (as of Nov 2014): 5.6% 
Monthly avarege salary (as of Sep 2014): NIS 9,489 (US$ 2,420)

US$ 1 = NIS 3.93
Euro 1 = NIS 4.72     

Israel's Major trade partners in 2013 (trade data including daimonds):

USA - US$ 25.79 billion (Imports- US$ 8.15 Billion, Exports US$ 17.63 Billion)
China (excluding HK): US$ 8.47 billion (Imports - US$ 5.61 Billion, Exports US$ 2.86 Billion)
Hong Kong - US$ 7.04 billion (Imports - US$ 1.66 Billion, Exports -US$ 5.37 Billion)
Belgium - US$ 6.94 billion (Imports - US$ 3.82 Billion, Exports US$ 3.11 Billion)
Germany - US$ 6.44 billion (Imports - US$ 4.66 Billion, Exports - US$ 1.78 Billion)
UK - US$ 6.31 (Imports - US$ 2.42 Billion, Exports- US$ 3.89 Billion)
Switzerland - US$ 5.78 billion (Imports - US$ 4.39 Billion, Exports - US$ 1.38 Billion)
Turkey - US$ 4.85 billion (Imports - US$ 2.35 Billion, Exports - US$ 2.50 Billion)
Netherlands - US$ 4.81 billion (Imports - US$ 2.71 Billion, Exports - US$ 2.09 Billion)
India - US$ 4.39 billion (Imports- US$ 2.12 Billion, Exports - US$ 2.27 Billion)
​Italy - US$ 3.87 billion (Imports - US$ 2.69 Billion, Exports - US$ 1.17 Billion)
France - US$ 3.11 billion (Imports - US$ 1.54 Billion, Exports - US$ 1.56 Billion)
Spain - US$ 2.64 billion (Imports - US$ 1.38 Billion, Exports - US$ 1.26 Billion)
Russian Federation - US$ 2.02 billion (Imports - US$ 0.99 Billion, Exports - US$ 1.03 Billion)
Japan - US$ 1.84 billion (Imports - US$ 1.11 Billion, Exports - US$ 0.72 Billion) 
Singapore - US$ 1.61 billion (Imports - US$ 0.79 Billion, Exports - US$ 0.82 Billion)

Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics 
Tailor Made Practical Market Research 

For companies who find the Israeli market interesting, we offer a tailor made, very detailed, practical market study as per their needs and their specific products. This kind of market research enables you to "test the market" and "feel" it before you devote any additional resources to enter the market. Whether your product is IT related or any kind of product from any sector (including Energy, Chemicals, Plastics, Automobiles, Telecom, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Space and Education among others) we can conduct a tailor made market study for you and assist you in entering the unique Israeli market smoothly. 

We call this kind of market research "practical" becuase other than the dry statistics it includes also inputs given by dozens of Israel importers or exporters and local trade organizations. This will assist you in taking an educated decision regarding your course of action in the Israeli market. Learn how big the Israeli market is for your products and who are the major players. Find out what leading Israeli importers of your products have to say, from where do they import products like yours right now, and find out if they have any interest in importing such products from your company. 

Once you realize that the Israeli market is in fact suitable for you, we can arrange for you a 2-3 days visit program to make sure you fully take advantage of your next visit to Israel. We can arrange for you B2B meetings with leading companies in your sector as well as meetings with senior officials in the Governement of Israel if needed and desired. In addition, we can arrange for you a round table meeting with dozens of potential buyers who will come and meet you to find out what you have to offer. 

Let us open the doors to the Israeli market for you. This is what we do the best! Give us a call or send us an email to find out more information about our various services. You can contact us by sending an email to: