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Mr. Shabtay Levy is an expert in global business development. He has over ten years of experience in global marketing, international sales and global business development. 

Till recently he worked for the Embassy of India in Tel Aviv and was the Marketing Officer in the Commercial Wing. 

Today, Mr. Levy offers his expertise in global business development and his great network of connections worldwide to assist both Israeli and foreign companies to enter various international markets.  

Over the years, Mr. Levy has also gained a lot of experience in conducting practical market studies and now offers to foriegn companies who wish to "get a feeling" of the Israeli market before they actually enter the local market and devote any meaningful resources, the option of conducting for them a practical, very detailed, market study which is specifically designed for their unique products or services and their specific needs and business goals.    

Give us a call, or send us an email to find out more information about our different services. We would be delighted to serve you and treat you the way you deserve. 

                                             You can contact Mr. Shabtay Levy at:
                                             Email: shabtay@slglobalconsulting.com​
​                                                     Telefax: 972-3-9527978    
                                                     Mobile: 972-52-4837670 
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